MiG-21BIS Dual Combo 1:144
MiG-21BIS Dual Combo 1:144 MiG-21BIS Dual Combo 1:144 MiG-21BIS Dual Combo 1:144

MiG-21BIS Dual Combo 1:144

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This kit of a late version of famous Soviet MiG-21 fighter plane contains plastic parts allowing build of two complete kits in the 1/144 scale.

User friendly decals in high quality are designed and printed by Eduard contains not only 4 marking options (Bulgaria, Hungary, Finland and Poland):

  • MiG-21BIS, 1st Air Division of Polish Navy, late 90´s, Gdynia – Babie Doly airbase, Poland

  • MiG-21BIS, Izdelye 75B, 3rd Air Base, Graf Ignatevo, Bulgaria, from 2002

  • Izdelye 75AP, 31st „Kapos“ Tactical Fighter Wing, 2nd „Boszorkany“ Squadron, Taszár AB, September 1991

  • MiG-21BIS, Izdelye 75A, 31st Fighter Squadron, Kuopio airbase, Finland, 1980 - 1981

but also interior details such as front and side-walls instrument panels.

Painting mask helps with painting of clear canopy parts.

We would like also recommend photo-etched accessories for this kit, offered separately.

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