Bf 110 C/D ProfiPACK, 1:72 (pidemmällä toimitusajalla)
Bf 110 C/D ProfiPACK, 1:72 (pidemmällä toimitusajalla)

Bf 110 C/D ProfiPACK, 1:72 (pidemmällä toimitusajalla)

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The Bf 110C/D in 1/72 by Eduard is a brand new kit.
Five attractive markings covers the C and D versions.
Kit consists from 8 plastic frames, which components will satisfy by fine details and perfect fitting of every plastic parts.
The ProfiPACK edition also means that the painting mask and photo-etched accessories are included.

Marking options:

  • Bf 110D, W.Nr. 3406, 9./ZG 26, Trapani, Sicily, 1941
  • Bf 110D, W.Nr. 3148, 2./ZG 76; Norway, spring 1940
  • Bf 110C, 2N+AP, 9./ZG 76, flown by Obl. Urban Schlaffer, Bordfunker Gefr. Frantz Obser
  • Bf 110C, 1./NJG3, North Africa, summer, 1941
  • Bf 110C, W.Nr.3602, Stab II./ZG76, flown by Maj. Erich Groth

Model length: 170,5mm
Wingspan: 228mm
Plastic parts: 171
PE parts, express mask

300 g