Game Air Face Painting (8 x 17ml)
Game Air Face Painting (8 x 17ml)

Game Air Face Painting (8 x 17ml)

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Pakkaus sisältää 8 kpl 17ml maalipurkkia.

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Game Air Face Painting

The set contains Game Air airbrush ready colors, four of which have been developed especially for this set, and includes step by step by Angel Giráldez, showing the process of painting male and female faces.

Content:8 x 17 ml/0.57 fl oz
Game Air
72.703 Pale Flesh
72.715 Hexed Lichen
72.743 Beasty Brown
72.744 Dark Flesh Tone
72.769 Flesh
72.770 Burned Flesh
72.771 Barbarian Flesh
72.772 Red Terracotta

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